Thursday, July 30, 2009

Facebook Status Archetypes

Social networking is a paradox because usually the people who are the most active online are the least active in real life. At least that's a common criticism. Is it a fair assessment?
Or else they just have a lot of down time at work which isn't quite long enough to do anything else of value. In my five minute breaks, unless I need to pee or fill my water bottle, I tend to log on to Facebook and fart about for the four minutes remaining. Since I don't have the interent at home, I tend to like going on at work because the only other time I use it is to watch True Blood or Weeds online while reading blogs or sending emails, which only happens twice a week. This is also why I take so many idiotic Facebook quizzes - they fit nicely into one break, are amusing enough, and are a very much needed mental break from children.

The article is fairly amusing, if nothing original. If you've got five minutes, maybe you'll read it or mabye you're too busy updating your Facebook status.
Face it: When you get pregnant, you're not going to tell your best friend over Facebook. No, the "Big News Break" update specifically targets people who aren't among the inner circle of friends. But we're not knocking it. Facebook is all about lesser friends, and there's nothing wrong with second-tier.
I think I just might, should I ever get knocked up (and since that would be a big accident, I won't have told anyone about any plans or anything. My parents better get on Facebook, you know, just in case.

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