Sunday, July 05, 2009

I wore the wrong shirt today...

...because I should have been wearing the one that Andrea sent me. I'd need something underneath, as it is quite the display of cleavage, but what it says on it would speak volumes.

Seriously? Seriously!

I have joked a lot lately about the changes my schedule goes through. I do seriously get a new schedule at least daily, if not more often. It's getting kinda crazy - though it's great for me, as I now refuse to prep in advance thus saving myself time, because I never know if there would be any point to it.

Today Ms. Hong walked in, 40 minutes into the first day of a first grade class.

"Amanda teacher, we have changed the class. You will be reading and vocab teacher, not writing and grammar."

"Ummm.... ok. Tomorrow?"


"Riiiight. Can I have the books then?"

So, seriously? What is going on these days? When did they become impossible for the office staff to schedule things properly and logically?

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