Friday, July 03, 2009

Odds & Ends

More odd than ends, really, but here they are.

* My fourth grader Apple channeled Yoda today: "There's no almost in here. Just finished and not finished."

* I am such a subway slacker. I almost never take it. Then I did (to Itaewon after work) and bumped into someone I know, got asked for directions by a gaggle of Korean teenagers and saw someone straightening her hair in the subway bathroom.

* On my way to Padraic's goodbye drinks at Bar Bliss I took the wrong staircase. Though it should have been parallel to where I needed to be, it somehow wasn't. This is why hashers refer to Korea as being "not quite right."

* The other day I went to Seoul Station to book a bunch of tickets for Mudfest next weekend. I also ate at McDonalds and then got a smoothie at Smoothie King. They're right, anything else IS just juice.

* I wonder if consuming a drink from Nutritional Lifestyle Center will cancel out eating at the Our Food Will Make You Fat and Unhealthy Center.

* I got train tickets, paid a bill, and transfered money to Canada all in one two hour break. Imagine if I was that effective all the time.

* I hadn't even heard of Charlotte, North Carolina utnil I read the Bones novels and it seems from 4th grade social studies that perhaps it's actually quite an important city.

* The same textbook, however, mentioned Cuba being near the Florida Keys and said nothing else. Nothing about, say, Americans not being able to so much as go there or smoke Cuban cigars.

* I've noted down the words leaf and elephant on the list of things I was going to mention in the post and I don't have any idea why.

* If we hadn't changed Ann Murray as an answer, we would have won the Canadian quiz at Philies. However, drinking Caesars at RMT and getting a free beer for being Canadian, along with listening to "Canada is Really Big", "Barrett's Privateers", and the national anthem was enough to keep me out until 2:30.

* Thursday's 12 hours of teaching sucked more than a little.

* Apparently Clamato is 99.9% free of clams. I find that odd.

* From a listening quiz: "Do you get much exercise, Joey? Sure. I walk to MacDonalds."

* I have some students who like to use the word peanut as a codeword for penis. It's annoying, though with Valentino's accent, "Peanuts are my favourite food" followed by "Fire in the bum hole" caused me to giggle like a 12-year old boy.

* Americans are as obsessed with the Arctic as Canadians, judging by the number of times I've read about the Iditarod, Balto, or Storm.

* My shoes may have matched all week, but one morning I boiled water, put coffee in the cafetiere, but neglected to bring the two together. The sadness I felt when I got out of the shower and realised there wasn't coffee ready far surpasses my emotional reaction to MJ's death.

* 1984 and Lord of the Flies are more fascinating when you are older and can see more of the connections to everything else.

* That said, reading 1984 in the shadow of North Korea leads to some interesting discussions. And caused me to register with my embassy.

* Some people are freeloaders and you may feel like your head will explode when you realise they will not replace the shit they borrowed from you and did not return, but it's probably best to let it go and just remember that those people can't be trusted.

* Schedule changes twice a day seem to be the new norm. I'm getting really good at rolling with the punches.

* Make love, not war.

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