Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Sundays

I went down to Jeonju for the weekend to hash - and hash we did, on Saturday. After the hash we drank quite a lot of soju & beer, went out for dukgalbi with cheese (yum!), saw a band and went to a club. During the hash the virgins were supposed to keep ahold of a balloon and not break it - mine popped as I blew it up, though the penalty wasn't too bad. Ray found a suitcase during trail that he carried the rest of the way, with his balloon up his shirt. He certainly confused more than a few Korean passers-by. Sunday we were incredibly lazy - we went to the start point, politely joined in circle and then hashed ourselves over to the Loteria for some fast food for breakfast. After that we sat in front of a Mini Stop for a couple of hours while three people did trail and eventually I threw myself onto a bus heading to Seoul and read a new vampire author. When I got home, I watched two movies: A Touch of Pink and Open Your Eyes. A Touch of Pink was sweet and just felt so Canadian. I wasn't too impressed with the acting, but the story line was interesting. Open Your Eyes was just bizarre all round. Then, just before midnight, I went to bed.


sarah said...

i like your life.

i like how even in this busy changing world, i know come hell or high water, on sundays, amanda will hash

Amanda said...

Hahaha. Or will wake up to hungover to hash and just go after the running ;-)