Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Uniformly Awful

The new job is getting better. Yesterday was chaos, and more annoyingly, no one tends to communicate anything in English to me, so I'm left wondering what I'm supposed to be doing or prepping. However, today the Korean English teacher and I did speaking and writing level tests and determined that the students are quite low level. That sort of sucks, but I feel more confident now when trying to determine how fast the curriculum will go - before I was just blindly guessing.

It's nice to get off work at 4, though I'm incredibly tired. I just about dozed off while watching TV and eating at 7 o'clock. However, I managed to get my lease signed and it's all in my name, so that's good. I was meaning to go to the quiz tonight, but I wonder if I'll be able to stay awake that long!

Worst thing about working with five Korean women? Everyone one takes half of a Krispy Kreme. Sigh.

This odd photo was taken in broad daylight on the night vision setting. Weird, eh? I did tinker with it a bit, too.

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