Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Whatever, Korea!

Korea is having a holiday (Independence Day, I believe), but the key thing for me in it was that, damn, did I need a long weekend. And yep, I'm aware I had one only two weeks ago for Lunar New Year, but two weeks ago I was still job hunting and contemplating moving and all kinds of slightly stressful stuff.

But this weekend ended up being fairly freaking perfect. Friday night I came home, cooked frantically, and took my dish over to Laura's, where I was plied with tequila and gin. Saturday was the PMS "Men"strual Run, which was awesome. I didn't get to do the run itself, but I helped with the set up and cooking and the down down was hilarious as the men in dresses competed for the coveted title of Ms. Menstrual 2010. A couple of us stayed at Laura's quite late, shooting the shit, at which point I went home and stayed up late watching The West Wing.

I did a crazy amount of cleaning on Sunday - it was very, very much needed. Then Melissa came over, we ordered some pizza, made some popcorn and sat down to play two rounds of Settlers of Catan. Then we stayed up chatting until the morning.

After some sleeping in, we headed out to Itaewon to eat at Flying Pan Blue. My maude, the goodness. I had French toast with bananas, bacon, and ricotta cheese - it's the ricotta that makes it so genius. Then I had a ton of books to trade in, so I got to go used book shopping. Woot! In addition to Utne Magazine and the newest Ms. Magazine, they had three old magazines for 9,900 won - I picked up National Geogrpahic Traveller and Adventure and a Conde Nast Traveller - I am right now drinking some Canada Dry Ginger ale, eating pineapple, watching the West Wing, and flipping through beautiful pictures.

As for the books, I picked up Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews (because people have been writing an awful lot of articles about it lately and I don't really recall what happens), The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq, Imperial Ambitions by Noam Chomsky, The Portrait by Iain Pears, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, and the Manticore by Robertson Davies.


Ray said...

I too bought National Geographic Adventurer and Traveler tonight at Kyobo. In addition, I had to pick up the latest issues of the Economist.

In a few short weeks, I'll be able to get these magazines delivered to my new home in Seattle. ah bliss!

We must have a coffee date before I move. I haven't seen you in a 2933434343 years.

Amanda said...

Let's go to that cool book cafe!

Ray said...

Sounds like a plan, Stan!

Ray said...

I'll bring The Economist and you can bring National Geographic!