Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was one of those awesomely perfect days where you do almost nothing, have great conversation, and it the day slowly flows by as you eat and chat and drink.

It started at Flying Pan Blue, home of amazing brunch: I'm not sure where they came up with the idea to stick ricotta cheese on the banana french toast (side of bacon, naturally), but it is pure fucking genius. They also make fabulous coffee. After Ray, Carol and I ate, we popped into What the Book so I could pick up The Economist (and Utne Reader, because I am unable to restrain myself in bookstores) and then headed to Coffee Bean for more caffeine and chat. We were there for ages and then moved along to Sam Ryan's for beer, dinner, and the opportunity to see a few hashers as well.


I love the Tartine display case.

Photo credits to Ray for the coffee, the close up of breakfast, and the picture of Carol and I with our cheeseburgers.

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Ray said...

Thanks for the photo credits! Again, it was great to see you and share so many awesome stories!!