Sunday, March 28, 2010


So, I meant to document the entire cooking process. I mean, it's not every day a girl decides to make pita bread for 15, hummus and baba ghanoush from scratch (I even had to juice my own limes), and roasted veggies, along with 4 dozen chocolate cookies in a freaking toaster oven. I started cooking around 8 p.m. on Friday and was still making cookies (five at a time, for 25 minutes each!) at 5 p.m. on Saturday when the hashers started to arrive.

Sadly, the pictures stopped being taken because, happily, I got quite drunk. You see, I had to wait up until 3 a.m. anyway for Melissa's train to arrive from Busan and it had already been a long, long day. So, I started the pita dough, chucked the annoyingly small Korean eggplants in the toaster oven to roast, and cleaned with my giant wine glass at my side. Abigail dropped by and so at one point I had a green face mask on as I made the bread. I had two bottles of wine and texted Melissa to pick another up on her way in. Once we drank that one we went down to the Family Mart, in our pajamas, and me with a half full wine glass to buy another bottle. And I got my picture taken with the Family Mart lady. Hilariousness.

When I awoke the next day, a little hungover and to find flour absolutely everywhere, I started up the cooking once again. Twice people came in the apartment bellowing at me, which I couldn't hear since the iPod was the only way to listen to music while using the blender. I hopped in the shower just in time to be caught by the hares arriving as I dressed. The meeting was fabulous and I think the food turned out well. Somehow I landed a third of a bottle of tequila out of the whole deal, too.

After the hash, we went out. And man, did we go out. We didn't even leave Bless You, but I sampled a variety of shots and ended up with about six other people at G.I. Hoe's place, playing Rock Band for perhaps four or five hours. I dunno, but it sure was sunny when Jason, Melissa and I walked back to my place. There was another stop at the Family Mart (what that woman must think!) and then there was some cooking. Best line of the "night": "Set the alarm so we don't miss the hash at 11."

"Uhhh, it's quarter past now. Maybe we should all go to bed?"

And so we did. Waking up was agreed to be unpleasant unanimously, though how I got suckered into walking down to buy bacon to cure us all from hangover death, I don't know. After bacon, eggs, pancakes and coffee, everyone felt just rejuvenated enough to take another nap! Melissa hit her train back to Busan, Jason took off to meet friends for dinner and I sat down in my bed to do this:

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