Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So it turns out that I am far more competant on the ground than in the planning stages. So far I`ve managed to find a hotel (the one of the last post but it is considerably less dodgy than the advert in English makes it sound and expensive as hell. However, everything is expensive and it seemed worth a bit more to be near the consulate, since I will be going tomorrow (I`d better be, because there is no way I can make the Friday flight otherwise...) and then the next day. Met a cool guy on the way here and we kick ass at following directions, apparently. We will be chilling for a couple of hours later, which sounds fun. This area seems super cool and I am really excited to be here. I`ve never been interested in going to Japan before, but I like it.

I did almost miss my plane. Fair enough, I was running about 15 minutes late. But, the bus does not come every 15-17 minutes obviously and then I got charged for a deluxe bus. Which was the same as the normal bus. Unless the deluxe part is that the damn thing spent about 45 minutes wandering around central Seoul before getting on the highway. I just made it in time to get cash and check in and grabbed a sub while my flight was actually boarding, because by 10 I was starving. To top off my growing annoyance, the next stop after me the bus driver charged the Korean woman the non-deluxe price. So perhaps the deluxe price is just for foreigners. Bastards. I wish I had paid the extra $30 for a cab rather than be ripped off $5. It`ts the principle of it.

It`s hot here. Hot, hot, hot.

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