Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahhh, Public Nakedness

If my last hotel was all about telling me again and again about how I could pause the pornos, this hotel is focused on completely and utterly communicating the idea that I can wander around freely in my Japanease (sic) robe. There is nowhere in the hotel I can`t go! The lobby! The Zen garden! The souvenir shop! The dining room!

Naturally, the point of the Japanese robe is to go to the public bath. And go I did, because I am a girl who really likes baths.

Now, I prefer my baths either solo (generally with a glass of wine, some music, and a novel) or with companions of my choosing - ok, a companion of my choosing, I`m not an especially kinky bather. However, if my only bathing option is with a bunch of naked Japanese women, so be it. Korea has certainly upped my tolerance for nakedness amongst strangers, though I can`t claim to feel entirely comfortable.

I have to say, there were a few odd moments. First off, not only was I not the fattest woman at the bath, I wasn`t even the fattest woman of my own age group last night. Odd. Also, where Korean children will come up and pointedly ask about my boobs, Japanese young children only stare. But really obviously. I kinda think I prefer the more friendly curiousity in Korea, actually.

But, anyways. Back to the bathrobe. While I can see the usefulness of having it to walk back from the baths from, I can not in a million years get my mind fully around just, you know, hanging out in the robe, post bath. Or pre bath. But you know it`s all about being openminded while you travel.

So, on that note, I`ll leave you all to ponder whether or not I am naked as a jay bird under a thin cotton robe while posting this, or not.

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Sofiya said...

Getting naked in front of strangers? I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it one bit. I can barely even walk around in front of strangers in my bathing suit.

<-- world's biggest prude.