Monday, August 18, 2008

5 Danger Zones?

What do Columbia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Albania have in common?

According to this article they are all danger zones.

I wouldn't think twice about jetting off to Columbia or the Philippines or Albania. The other two give me pause, but don't strike me as at all off the possible list.

You know, when I lived in Britain I could never get over the scare articles about backpackers being killed abroad. Those articles always left out the fact that more Britons were in danger on a night out in Glasgow. Living in Asia has just confirmed for me that too many people back home have some decidedly odd ideas about just how dangerous other parts of the world are.

After all, if I had to pick a dark city to walk alone in at night, I'd take Seoul over anywhere in North America and Europe any day. Oddly, few newbies seem to agree with me.

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