Thursday, August 28, 2008

Optimism is Always Wrong

That damn number didn`t turn out to be the Holy Grail I would have thought it was. It took two damn hours to submit the thing, several international phone calls (thankfully I wasn`t the one having to make them) and bouncing between floors for different bits and pieces to get my application accepted.

I think that I should get my E2 tomorrow morning. However, keep your fingers crossed for me. After all, the embassy could burn down and my passport with it. I`m sure there are other dire possibilities, but after this long dealing with bureaucracy, I don`t have the creative juices left to think any up.

I`m starting to believe in reincarnation. In a past life I was obviously one of those asshole paper pushers who gives people grief and will never, ever either explain what to do or bend any rules. And all this paperwork bullshit is just me paying for it now.

Karma`s a bitch. At least the woman at the embassy wasn`t!

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