Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Canadian Traditions

My reading of Macleans started a long, long time ago. I got a cheap subscription from one of those school magazine drives. After a year I thought I'd give time a whirl. The Macleans folks called to ask why I had not renewed my subscription and when I told them about the Time thing, they sent me free copies for at least four months.

Slowly, however, it's become a tradition of mine to buy a Macleans on my way out of the country to read on the plane. I suppose it's a bit odd to finally get around to catching up on Canadian news just as I'm leaving, but magazine shopping and airports go well together. This time I was incredibly bored and ended up with rather a lot of airport books too, including the new Margaret Atwood and one of the books that the TV show Bones is based on. My Canadian content is high!

It turns out that one of the Barenaked Ladies has been arrested for cocaine! That I wouldn't have predicted. That children could identify cartoon characters but not local animals I could have though. Barbara Amiel is still bitching about what happened to Conrad - not much new there since the last Macleans I read.


Beachcomber said...

Snicker. You are so "up" on Canadian news. /jk

antijen said...

My in-laws have bought us subscriptions to Macleans for the last several years. I like the chance to keep a little bit up on Canadian news, but I'm getting fed up with the magazine itself. Over the last year or so, it just seems to have become trashy. And Barbara Amiel is SO self-absorbed. She's not even worth reading just for the sake of disagreeing with.