Monday, May 05, 2008


It's funny the odd things that remind you of other places. Today the bright sun and wind reminded me of September/October weather in Toronto. All it needed was the changing leaves.

Naturally, it was beautiful all last week, then the three day weekend hit and it rained on Sunday. I did make it to the parade/Lantern Festival, but didn't do much in the way of culturalness. Orin and I made it in time to meet Brian, Stephen and their friend for a meal at Agio's, then we had tea in a really cool place with seats out of a train, and we saw maybe 20 minutes of the parade from behind a crowd of people when everyone decided that was enough. I was surprised - the newbies didn't seem much interested and the first two times I went to that festival it was my favourite touristy experience in Seoul. This year I wasn't overly in the mood and the weather sucked.

Otherwise, I celebrated children by not seeing any, woot! Went to Itaewon and Hongdae both Saturday and Sunday nights - ended up covered in paint by Alex in the bar, so there was some classic long weekend weird-barness involved, thus upholding tradition. I have been watching My So-Called Life - oh, the flannel! - and reading a lot. I have also gotten addicted to downloading randomness reviewed in Bust and Bitch. It has been a very content weekend. I'm sure I won't be seeing Brian for some time. Hahaha. Ex-next-door-neighbours might be around again soon though!

Happy Children's Day!

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