Thursday, May 15, 2008

From the Childrens

He sees the girl and want to kiss her. And, the girl kiss. And mary but She didn't have the shirt, pants. So he bought her 90 socks. He She said you're crazy. But I can't go school store with this closes clothes. Ok I will bough buy you cract things. She said thank you You youwelcome. And he bought cract things. for that girl

-Jone, S2

The man and a dog. Soe people say "it's good!" But some people say "it's a crazy people!" Ji Song Park is taking a picture. But Some people say "we can't belive!" They can't belive, so they die when it is almost finish. They have meet, noodle, soup, rice fruit, and dessert.

-Max, S2

Recently I stayed countryside at Kap Choeng in Thailand and now I have been in the hospital for bronchitis 6 days already. I acted rashly, when I have caught a cold. now I learned "I'm not immortals superman.


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