Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I wasn't the nicest teacher today. Our prep was taken up by bullshit that came up at the last minute - more about that later, I'm sure - and four of us came into the day of tests late and with no prep time all day. With 4.5 hours of tests, all of which leave little wiggle room in terms of time for the kids or teachers, and only 5 minute breaks to try and get organized, I was not in the mood. And we have yet another meeting tomorrow. Gotta love it. I mean, why prep? Such a silly way for teachers to spend their time! And that overlying sense of, "Aren't you foreigners sketch?" made the entire experience that much more fun.

There was some hilarity, granted. And the day was brightened by a text from Jamar, sushi bibimbap for Karley's last night, and the fact that I finally found the time/energy to clean up the clutter and get some packages ready to mail.

Friday can't come soon enough though.

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