Saturday, May 10, 2008

Geek Alert

I just read a magazine that I haven't in ages - not regularly since I lived in Scotland and worked at the bank and hence had a raging addiction to buying "smart" books and magazines to make up for the braindeadening way I spent well over 8 hours of my waking life.

New Scientist. I had forgotten how much fun it is to read short bits of information that I really only half understand but find ridiculously fascinating. I bought it to read an article called "English: Why the Language We Know is Vanishing Fast," but I found most of the other bits more interesting. Did you know that urban songbirds are adapting to noise polluntion by singing more loudly, at higher pitches, or at night? Come to think of it, I remember how living near Arthur's Seat when I was in residence in Edinburgh that there were always birds chirping around 3~4a.m. The dawn chorus has been moved up. There was also something about universe-destroying bubbles - went over my head entirely, as physics always did, but still. Fascinating.

Amusingly, in an article about internet addiction being a mental illness, South Korea got a shout out. Ha!

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