Friday, May 23, 2008

My Father Is Going To Have A Heart Attack When He Hears This

But I just saved soooo much money!

First, I'm going to have to explain the family buying background. My father does not spend money. He's not especially miserly, but for my father, a treat is a treat. You know when you read Little House on the Prarie books and the kids are all "oooooh, ahhhhhh" over an orange for Christmas? Well my descriptions about the irregularity of sugary cereals in the house and the complete absence of McDonald's from my childhood diet inspires in many of my contemporaries that same feeling of discontect that I get when trying to think of a single orange as a treat. My mother is one of those shoppers who something at full price. She must get a bargain. To my father's endless despair, this includes bargains on things she neither wanted nor needed in the first place. My mom would be the one having the heart attack if she ever knew the kind of money I spend on my bras - after all, I buy the kind that don't go on sale... As for my spending style - I probably spend far too much for someone who still has student loans and in general, if I need it, I buy it. I don't wait for sales, but I don't usually buy stuff I don't want/use. It happens, naturally, but not so often.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, Hello Kitty. So, there is this promotion going on at 7-11. For every 4,000 won I spent, I get a magnet. There are 45 in total and each represents a country. I am batshit over these things - the best part of my day is absolutely finding 4,000 worth of stuff to buy and then that moment when I rip open the package... to see my newest country or be heartbroken to have a double. I now have two frickin' Yemens.

In each package there is also a coupon. Some are for some bizarre things, like grape-flavoured milk (so wrong) and most are for things I don't normally buy, though there are some for coffee and water and you can't go wrong there. So, tonight, the dude rang up my purchases at 10,650 and after the coupons, it was 8,500! I saved a bunch AND got two more magnets!!! Granted, I have some dodgy looking new Oreos and beer (I'm not a beer drinker) and some apple pop, but ya know... I got a bargain.

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