Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Myspace Amuses Me

Hi, Compliment of the season to you over there. How is life and the family. It is great pleasure to reach you today, I will like to have you as my friend provided, if you are good person. I will love to meet good person, responsible, reliable, honest, sincere, understanding trust worthy and serious person. I AM A YOUNGMAN OF IT.
There is a lot of people on this website of which I knew many are joker, please if you are one of them please do not bother to reply this mail I am not here for those type of people .seriousness is the soul of business.
If you are one of the goodies then, I am waiting to hear from you for greeting ,chatting & CAM Viewing
Bye for now

And all that from a completely unsolicited message. Why message strangers and then lecture them???

Hi...this Antonio Vega, I'm a psychic advisor...offering my
services worldwide

Hi..This is Antonio Vega, from the Philippines, a Professional Feng Shui Expert, astrologer, tarot card reader,
ritualist, clairvoyant...have you lost something and you want it
back or know where is it...have you lost someone and you want to know
where this someone is...are you in brink of bankruptcy and you want to
recover from your financial you want to know what will happen in
your immediate you want to know if the dead person is
really at peace or need your you do treasure hunting and you
want a professional advice about your house or structure being
haunted by ghosts and entities and you want to do something about you feel that you are a flop or a jinx and you want to do
something about this....I can help you...I am here to help you and give
solutions for these me at +63 919 894 0232 and know more
of my love and light....Antonio Vega

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