Monday, February 25, 2008

Geek Alert

Dogwhistles. Super delegates. Primaries vs. caucauses. Disenfranchised voters. This is the most into an American election I have ever been and they're only picking leaders! I've even gotten ahold of Obama's Dreams From My Father secondhand. Not only do I not think I've ever been this into a Canadian election, I talk about American politics at bars where I should have more important things to do, like flirting and caging free drinks.

The only election I can recall interesting me this much was the Scottish one, where the Green Party (who I like so much more in Scotland than Canada) actually got all but one of the seats they ran for, due to the mixed first-past-the-post and representative voting system in the Scottish parliment. I was trying to decide why these two particular elections interested me more than Canadian ones and it hit me...

I just like learning stuff. I like having to figure out how a different kind of democracy works, how it all fits together. It's like a giant, amusing puzzle.

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