Friday, February 15, 2008

Choice Quotes From This Evening - Not PG - And Not All Mine

* "you only need to love pricks of the flesh variety and then only sometimes"

* Amanda says:
there is a crumb under my l key
Amanda says:
which sucks
Amanda says:
i keep oling people

* "i should be worshipped"

* "Advice For People Moving to Seoul"
1. time buying water with one night stands

* "maybe you've got living o phobia"

* s says:
what do yu win?
Amanda says:
uhhhhh, the courage of my convictions?
s says:
you should have bargained higher

* Amanda says:
i bet brain had the dude email me that you should show up that early just to get
us there in time
s says:
there's a precedent

* "what i know is that the look on your mother's face when she finds your
toothbrush, some sweaters, a couple of pots and some books all in the same box...
is priceless! and really, only last minute drunken packing can do that for you

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