Friday, February 01, 2008

I have SO done this!

It all started in university, when I was too poor to buy the books, so I'd just research from them in the Indigo in Kingston. They were very pleasant about all the Queen's students ordering a single coffee and sandwich and then planting themselves in the coffee shop with half the history section and a couple of leftie magazines to boot.

Then I started doing it for trashy books, like random self-help and other things I would not have been caught dead with at the cash register. I always carefully shielded the covers.

After that, in Edinburgh, I had two separate incidences of books lacking around 50 or so of the pages, so I just sat down and caught up on the missing bits, since neither book was worth the effort of returning and replacing, only to dump it at the nearest charity shop an hour after getting it.

Now, whenever I am back in Toronto, I've made reading tons of random magazines in Indigo (prefered choice) and Chapters locations around the city into something of an art. I've read a couple of books that way too, most recently Bridge to Teribithia. You tend to find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands when dealing with the Korean consulate in Toronto.

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