Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear S,

Amanda wrote
at 2:41am

I gotta be honest, I am not entirely sure I believe that there is something wrong with the shape of my eardrum, though a lot of really fucking random tests were certainly performed on my ears today. Either way, I have many pills which should make the sinus infection go away and thus unclog my ear, making the weird echoing sound go away.

As for Africa, I'm not going there, though god do I wish I was, but am merely trying to beat the ass off of my coworker in that addictive Traveller IQ game. You should play. After all, with all that packing in your future, you are going to need the kind of procrastination tool that sucks away hours and hours of your time.

Dude, this is like a fucking blog entry in a comment. I rock. Or not. And how did I stay up till 3 fucking a.m. after staying IN to go to bed early, like a responsible sick person???

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