Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Friiiiiiiiiiday!

And I'm too tired to think, but I haven't blogged all week, so I am going to steal an idea from Bomboniera and, so I present to you my gypsy-like lifestyle:

Since I graduated highschool in June 1997, I lived:

1) A summer at home. Then I moved to
2) Residence at Queen's University, from whence I went
3) home again for a boring summer working at a bank and then I immediately moved to
4) 93 Division St - my god, the silverfish - to live with 5 other people for my second year of university and then
5) home again to work at the bank, again, but I quit my contract early to go to
6) England to excavate and live in a residence apartment at Warwick University, after which I
7) lived out of my backpack for 6 months, before
8) what was supposed to be a year of residence at the University of Edinburgh, but they made us move all our stuff out at holidays so they could rent out our rooms to tourists and after moving my stuff to
9) Alan's in April, I never moved back into residence, but in June I was
10) living in a tent in the mountains in Greece, before a short return to
11) Alan's in Edinburgh and then back to
12) Canada, a week with my parents and I hadn't even unpacked when I
13) went househunting with no time to spare in Kingston and ended up in a horrible basement apartment with 3 obnoxious guys for my last year of university. From there I went
14) back home, for a horrible summer of two nasty-ass minimum wage jobs, before moving to
15) Scotland, where I had a lovely flat on Nicolson St. in Edinburgh, one in which I managed to stay for almost 2 complete years, but then I went back to
16) living from a backpack, while touring Ireland and Scotland, and as funds got low I went to
17) live with my Nana and Henry in Toronto, in the most disturbingly decorated basement ever, and then
18) a month of sleeping in hostels or the train on a Cross-Canada jaunt that landed me in
19) a basement apartment in Dunbar, Vancouver, which I was in for only 8 months (for all that I tend to think of it as my year-in-Vancouver) and then I moved to
20) my job-provided, cockroach-infested tiny studio in Sinjeong-negori in Seoul, which after my one year contract ended saw me move
21) home for about 6 weeks and then
22) back to Edinburgh for 5 of the most horrible months of my life, though the flat was lovely, and I escaped to
23) a slightly larger studio in Deungcheon-dong, which had burnt down the week before I moved in by my teacher-predecessor, who apparently had a nervous break and thought she was back in Canada roasting marshmellows over a campfire, and then after a year,
24) a week with Amanda in Haebonchon, and though I almost missed my flight, I made it to
25) Hong Kong, where I basically couch surfed at Candace's before spending
26) three months living in the basement apartment at my parents, with my brother's girlfriend and my three nieces, and ending up at my
27) present place in Hwajung, Korea!

Where have you been since 1997?

Rules - post where you've been living for the last 10 years. You can only include travel/stints at the folks if you had no fixed abode at the time.

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Rachel.Perrone said...

Wow! You win! I thought my measly 13 spots were a lot!