Monday, June 21, 2010

What was the worst job you ever had?

Sometimes I'd be tempted to say this one. I'm definitely not cut out to teach kindergarten. In terms of asshole bosses, it would be my second year of teaching in Korea at Heritage Institute. I sincerely hope someone googles that and I can talk them out of working for the biggest jerk I've ever met. When you make teachers (not me) cry during a staff meeting, you are going too fucking far. We did make him up his own hilarious Myspace Profile.

In terms of job satisfaction, the worst has got to have been my years at RBS. That job was mind-numbing in a way I've not experienced before or since. It was a good group of coworkers that made that job tolerable. Most office temp jobs follow right behind it.

I do love teaching, but I'm not sure I enjoy teaching ESL anymore. It's just too repetitive and I've been at it too long. The things I've liked teaching best so far were social studies and grade 11 lit.

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Christine Gram said...

Co-workers make all the difference for me. I have had a few technically similar jobs, but my feelings about them range from hate to love. I hated the job where my advisers stabbed me in the back and hijacked my project and I love my job where I feel respected, valued and actually have fun at work. Go figure.