Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Stinking Up the Simpson Name

I sent this email to my parents:

Because I only own one sports bra and I've recently started a training program (I'm on week one, so far I run for 60 seconds at a time and nearly fall over dead) that requires that I run three times a week, then I hash 2-3 times a week and my friend Abigail is doing long, fast walks to prepare for a trek in Cambodia and I join her once a week.

Thing is, it's really hot here and I'm a sweaty person. I can't do enough laundry to keep up with all this with the one bra. I was hoping you might send me one asap, since I'm still not home for almost 2 months.

I wear a 38 F. The bra is called Shock Absorber and I need the support level 4 one. Color is not an issue. This is it here:

I got it at the The Bay downtown, but they might have it at Yorkdale too?

And this is the response I got:

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