Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock On!

Abigail and I just walked for two hours around Namsan at a fairly quick pace, talking the whole way. There wasn't a lot of elevation, but some. I'm pleased to say that while I could feel my leg muscles, they didn't hurt and the shin pain I get when running wasn't a problem walking. That seems like a good sign. I'm now wide awake, in spite of a paltry amount of sleep last night and full of energy - I figure I'm likely going to crash soon, but I could get in some more cleaning/furniture rearranging before that happens, while chugging water. It's HOT here and my hands swell rather badly. I wonder if there is something I can do about that.

Last run of week one is tomorrow, post field trip, which may be rather tiring. Then hashing all weekend.

I've looked up the Toronto hashes for vacation and I'd like to get in some canoeing as well.

This summer is shaping up nicely!

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Adventure said...

Your blog is awesome and I wish I had your life!! I'm going to work hard so it can just be me and my suit case too! Sounds like a dream.