Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No Vodka Makes This Tolerable

Yesterday was good. W1D2 didn't leave me quite as euphoric as that first run did, but that could be partly due to the fact that I am supposed to be doing these on non-consecutive days and I didn't. I'm not sure if a 2 hour hike around Namsan was the logical choice of activities for my day off either, but so far I'm feeling fine.

Except the exhaustion. Tim showed up unexpectedly at quiz last night and we won! Woot! However, only he and Gus (with a bit of help from Gaby) were drinking the free bottle of vodka, so we were at Phillies until about 2 a.m. and then I just could. not. get. to. sleep.

I'm more than a little tired and when you teach kindergarten, that's fairly fatal. However, of the four classes I have left, only one is really annoying and then I can make up the homework while futzing around on the Internet. Granted, as soon as I get home I need to clean and rearrange the furniture to accomodate the new elliptical and all before 8 p.m. (walking time with Abigail) as well as arrange a ticket home...

I'm already looking forward to going to bed.

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