Friday, December 04, 2009

More Passport Photos?!?

Once again I managed to wake up before Ortencia - though only because the guy cleaning the bathroom at 5 am was rather noisy - but I just lay around until 7 a.m. We had another round of omellettes, baguettes, and incredibly sweet cafe au lait. According to my journal the first thing we did was "aller a l'embassy du Ghana." Once again, I needed more passport photos and spent a great deal of time sitting and waiting with no explanation. We walked to the trou-trou station to get a cab to the Grande Marche. It was hot, sunny, noisy, and the sellers were very enthusiastic. We found out when we were sitting around drinking the giant glass bottles of Coke waiting to see if Saki would call, someone told us that a man was shot in the Marche coming out of a bank that morning.

The next stop was ice cream - Le Festival Des Glace. Togo doesn't have ice cream outside of the capital, apparently, but it was a damn fine restaurant. It was tres cher, however Maas had his first ever pizza, we all shared a banana split, and I was intensely curious about some game tiles that the people at the next table were using (though I never did get around to asking them what they were playing.) In the women's room, the first time we went in, the toilet only had half a seat. Ortencia later came back and told me it was fixed, though when I went in, the seat was broken again. Eventually we figured out that she must have gone into the gents the second time.

Since I had written some postcards, we went on a search for envelopes. The Peace Corps advises that they send postcards in envelopes, as otherwise the post office might not deliver the cards. I think those stamps might have been my second biggest expense in Togo, after the cost of a new Ghanaian visa. We used the Internet at the post office and once again, my inability to be patient with technology proved to be a bit problematic. We went for chicken and then Maas took a moto home and we went to the supermarket to pick up Fanmilk and water, and headed home. Two things to note about our hotel is that the fans were very loud and they had fake display fruit, but it wasn't on display.

This could perhaps have been a more interesting entry, but I can't read the rest of my notes. There was something about nail clippers and Roseanne, which was undoubtedly funny, but I can't make it out. And apparently I didn't take a single photo!

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