Monday, December 14, 2009

Channelling the Kindie

I was incredibly close to throwing a hissy fit today.

At today's staff meeting, there was a point about how teachers can't tell students or parents that they are unfamiliar with a new curriculum; that is never an excuse for not having a handle on the material.

Today, I was trying to get essential info on a class that I have tomorrow - an SAT prep course that I will have no time to prep tomorrow. However, I had two hours between classes today to do it and you will not believe the grief I went through establishing what textbook I was using and if I could write in it when prepping.

When talking with the admin woman, kicking her in the shins and running away was briefly entertained and then common sense intruded and I threatened to tattle to the boss instead.

Real mature.

But seriously. Admin folks: your damn job is to do tasks that allow me to teach. Well. So freaking do your damn job already, because I am not stupid enough to take the flack if it isn't my damn fault.

I wouldn't be telling parents or students that the class was new to me; I'd be telling them the damn admin couldn't be bothered to give me the textbooks in time for me to prep.

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