Thursday, December 17, 2009

It was "easier to purchase my vehicle than it was to purchase my iPhone."

Why E class visa holders can't get iPhones.

Most hilarious quote from the article:
From a logistics standpoint, because of the recent merger between KT and KTF, it's been said that the KTF computer system is more capable of handling phone registration for expats.
Now, you may wonder how this is a hard thing for a computer system to handle, however, after my yellow fever vacination debacle, I consider this run-of-the-mill. It took the guy about 6 tries to shrink the font enough to fit all four of my names (becuase he insisted it must exactly match my passport) and then when he handed it to me, I noticed a spelling error.


Chris in South Korea said...

I wonder if it would be any easier / possible through the Seoul Global Center itself. They have a cell phone partner in their building, don't they?

Amanda said...

I think so. I don't personally intend to spend that kind of cash, I was just amused by the article