Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Round-Up

Friday night I kicked off by watching some TV. I know that all of you are thinking that watching TV isn't a terribly exciting way to spend a Friday night, but after two weeks in a house with no computer or TV, I have to say it was nice to just veg out for a bit.

Saturday was the big St. Patrick's Day celebration in Seoul. I started it out by hashing with Yongsan Kimchi H3 in the morning. Trail led to the start point of the parade, which is where we conducted a slightly interrupted down down. I suspect our pictures will end up in the newspaper at some point, because the ambassador's wife was marching along with us at one point. What with people in green wigs, kilts and happy coats, we were an interesting group. The parade itself was odd - we went through backstreets so tiny that most of the time there wasn't much of an audience. Afterwards there was free Guiness and music in the park (where I bumped into Jeni, Padraic, and Brian) and the Seoul Hash, with is normally men only, invited everyone to join them in a run. A bunch of us skipped it in order to eat lunch and only joined them for the down down.

After that, we all disappeared off home or to hotels to get ready for Bootylicious' On Out and a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl. It started at Scrooge Pub, moved to Dolce Vita where Padraic joined us and we even sang a hashing song. Next we headed to Polly's Kettle to dance the night away. I woke up on Sunday morning with my face covered in stickers and a green wig on - so, a successful night out!

I didn't make it to the Southsiiiide hash and I was rather late to book club. However, so were Melissa and Carol and they were the only two who got their hungover asses out of bed! Since only I had finished the book, we just brunched and discussed our nights. After that we went to Hannam Market and I bought $40 worth of cheese - which is exciting because I've been wanted to make lasagne in my toaster oven and I finally came across some ricotta.

After a quick stop to pick up the latest Bitch Magazine, I went to Yongsan with Brian to shop for a new computer. I've decided to get a Dell, so I'll be going through the exciting process of trying to order one in Korean this week. However, the shopping trip was key, as I figured out how small I'm ok with going screen-wise and picked up a new external harddrive, that will come in handy once I have a computer! I think that I can also buy a cord to transfer all my files from my broken computer without the cracked screen mattering, so that's cool too. We finished off the shopping with dinner at Outback.

Then on my way home, I came across a bookshelf in the trash. Woot! Free stuff! It took me ages to get it clean and reorganize everything, which stirred up a ton of dust. So I had to sweep and mop, which lead to doing my dishes and reorganizing my bathroom cupboard and cleaning out my fridge. Not the most exciting Sunday night, but it was productive.

Also, I have waaaaay too many books. That bookshelf filled up fast!

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sarah said...

please recommend me some good reads!! i am tired of reading books that irritate me!

i worked in a book shop all through uni and i used to be in the know...and now i feel so out of the loooop! help me!

happy st patricks day!