Monday, March 09, 2009

Hopefully this might explain hashing a bit more...

Pre-drinks at Eager Beaver's on Koje-do. Most people are drinking a hasher's beverage of choice... beer. Hashing and beer go together.

Southsiiiider's down south, checking out Koje-do's night scene.

Circle, pre-run. This is when the trail marks are explained to the virgins. Since each group does things slightly differently, you are a virgin every time you hash with a new group.

On trail - it was a great day to be out and hashing. Plus, the non-urban trail was a nice.

The down down - post run beer, food, and circle. In the bottom left of this picture, someone is wearing a happy coat, with all their patches on it. There are patches for special runs and for hash groups.

Beaver being called to the line for a hashing infraction - Koje-do does it quite differently than the other hashes I've been to, as they drink for a few seconds and then dump the bowl of beer on their heads. We just drink our beer. All of it.


Anonymous said...

thank you for demystifying this valiant sport... i'll have to try it sometime.

Simplicity said...

Oh man this looks like so much fun! I need to get the hell out of Canada sometime soon!

Amanda said...

They have a group in Toronto... Join the cult!

sarah said...

it does indeed. i am now informed. thank you! :p