Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Like Spring

On Friday night, I went to Kabinett with Brian - our goal was to get some fondue and eat a kangaroo steak. I liked Kabinett a lot, though the tables are really huge, so it was a bit hard to chat when it was busy and noisy. The fondue was good, though I've had better, and it turns out that kangaroo tastes rather like cow. I was disappointed - somehow I expected it to taste differently than it did.

We left nice and early - I was sick and needed to be in bed early to make the hash and Brian had to work the next day. I had one of those nights where I was either so cold I needed two heavy blankets on the bed and the heat on high or so hot I was burning up. Not fun. However, by the time I woke up on Saturday morning I was feeling a bit better.

I started my trip down to Songtan well - I wasn't running late or anything. Then I had every possible bit of bad subway luck. Every train I was on stopped before the end of the line, so I had to wait for the next. I got to five stops away and by then I was running late and yet again, I had to wait for the next train. I figured I'd be ok - the hash started at noon, but that means hares away at 12:30, so I had some extra time. Except that I waited and waited. Three more trains arrived and the passengers hopped off and joined me in waiting on the platform. When the next train finally arrived, it was an express that doesn't even stop in Songtan, so I decided to take it to Osan and hop in a cab. If I had had a Seoul cabbie, that would have been great - but Songtan cabbies drive slower than my grandmother. Sooooo frustrating. However, I jumped out of my cab and was instantly on trail.

It was a great trail on a lovely summer day. One of those trails where even the walkers are able to keep up with the runners and it's always more fun when the pack stays together. Plus there was a beer check on trail. When we got to circle, I was a beer bitch - and not a very good one! Oops! I got called on the line an awful lot - as a sponsor, for the beer bitch duties, and as a hash shit nominee! Gah! I'm glad I didn't get stuck with it.

After circle we went to Rainbow Rider's place for a barbeque - the ribs were awesome. As was the wine. I totally missed getting a subway home, so I crashed with Anteaus and now I am using his laptop while he makes me pancakes. Nice. After that I really have to get home and get cooking for tonight's baby shower.

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sarah said...

i hate it when you eat something and it tastes normal

like snake. and ostrich. both kinda taste like chicken