Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two Steps Back

Feel free to laugh...

I got home around 6 a.m. this morning. Yep. Wednesday night is always my late night, but last night was ridiculous (also ridiculously fun though). We won trivia again, but I can't even blame last night on a bottle of free vodka because my team all took off early and so we're saving it for another weekend. When they left, I hung out with my coworker, Sara. When Phillies closed that should have been a sign that we should be on our way to home and bed, but apparently it wasn't. Lauren had arrived, complete with broken arm, and so we headed over to Ssen. The next thing I knew I was behind the bar, DJing and learning to pull my first pint, and suddenly it was six in the morning.

Then I came to work and made thumbprint animals. You know, when you stick your thumb in an ink pad and then draw on the thumbprint to turn it into a racoon or a zebra or something? I didn't think this one through very carefully, obviously, because in spite of washing my hands about twenty times I have one very, very purple thumb. And I can't even blame that on my lack of sleep because I decided to do it yesterday - we don't actually get supplies for the Fun & Activity class (and thank maude it's my turn to do the activity because the hokey pokey was making teacher a wee bit looney) and so it seemed like such a good idea. I've got white paper, some limited coloured pencils and an ink pad. "Assa!", I thought.

I thought wrong.


J.G. said...

What if you tell people you voted? :-)

Anonymous said...

i've never heard of these thumbprint animals, but they sound awesome! have any to share? :)