Monday, July 21, 2008

Run, Gal, Run

So, I'm off out of the job soon (wasn't that ever-so-Scottish a turn of phrase), but all my thunder has been stolen. First off, three people left in the month before me, all finishing their one year contracts.

Then, L. pulled a runner today. Left, no notice, just didn't show up and had moved out of her school-provided apartment. Awesome. Apparently our AC was the only person who didn't see this coming a mile away, and he had such a funny baffled look on his face when I was finally driven to break it down for him: "Man, she's done. She's not coming back. Those waffles we made the kids on Friday? So obvious that they were goodbye waffles. C'mon. And can we start coming up with a plan to deal with this effectively, because the one minute of notice I had before classes that you wanted me to teach her kindie class too? Not optimum."

So - we have 3 teachers gone, only one of whom has been replaced. New girl is catching on much more quickly than the last two newbies, which is a gigantic relief (or ginormous, if you will, for Alicia). But they need 4 more - since I'm peacing out in a cool two working-weeks. And the next two new teachers will be set to start teaching... maybe two or three days before I leave. Third new teacher in the works is having paperwork problems. Fourth one doesn't even exist.

Oh, Hwajung P-School. Aren't you living up to your reputation?

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Jenn said...

Whatever happened? Are they left in the lurch now?