Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Misson Accomplished!

A couple of days ago I finally got the last of the Hello Kitty magnets. I had started to despair - I only had a week to go, as the promotion is over at the end of July and I'm off for that last week in an incredibly quick jaunt back to the homeland.

I walked into the Hello Kitty one afternoon and the woman started yelling, "Sangsagnim, sangsaynim..." Turns out she remembered that I had stated I needed Gwangju, had somehow gotten ahold of one, and had kept it for me. That my friends is true customer service. I also aquired Daegu for Jenn, so it's all good in Hello Kitty world.


Chris said...

There are Gwangju and Daegu Hello Kitty magnets? I must have missed a whole series - I only have the 38 country collection!

Amanda said...

Yep, there are also 6 Korean cities.

Chris said...

Oh no!!!! I only THOUGHT I had a complete collection... only 2 weeks left you say? I'd better get on it right away,