Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Need Somebody

Help: The Original Human Dilemma by Garret Keizer - written by a minister, review from the Christian Science Monitor on the back... I wasn't sure I'd find it interesting, but in the end I liked it.
"To choose a beloved, to find a friend, those are indeed complicated tasks, but a neighbour is easy to know, easy to find, if we will only - recognize our duty."
He covers Kierkegaard, helping out newbies, writes a lot about the Good Samaritan, and discusses why the Angel of Bergen-Belsen says she is not a hero.
"The central question is not whether the Samaritan's actions are simply what anyone else would do. The central question is always what you will do."
Considering the present economic climate, the following quote seems more apt that usual:
"As things stand with us now, a person's immediate need for help is frequently the result of a larger refusal to help him. He cannot afford an ambulance so we give him a ride to the hospital... You could say that help is a social act often necessitated by our failure to be authentically social."

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