Tuesday, July 01, 2008


cb: hope u have a great time
me: thanks
cb: u welcome

Amanda: hey
Lindsay: How are you?
Amanda: good
Lindsay: That's good to hear and your welcome. I'm good 2 thanks.

I've noticed an odd trend in communication. It started with my sister, who regularly thanks me for asking her how she is and even goes as far as saying "you're welcome" when I respond to her question about how I am. It's odd - it's thank you and you're welcome thrown into conversation in places where it feels jarring to me - asking how you are doesn't seem to merit this kind of response. Lots of people seem to do it, but I have noticed they are often younger than me, use more textspeak than I do, and it's often said on IM or by text. Is it just one of those meaningless things one types, kind of like lol, that is basically just an acknowledgement that you are still present and reading the messages on your computer? Or have I missed some sort of etiquette rule?

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