Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Mouth Full of Sand

Ahhhh, experiments. The bane of my life back when I was a student, as I could never get them to go right. With the new Xmas schedule, I had to run this one on a Friday to cover all the classes in one day. It made a ridiculous mess and I'm sure the cleaner secretly hated me that day. We sieved things, we described things, we demonstrated wind and water erosion, and how the wind causes waves. It was fun, but I spent the best part of the day with sand in my mouth.

I think the Christmas play is going to go alright. I veer between desperation and hope, depending on the day, how much sleep I've had and if I've had my daily dose of coffee, basically. Fingers crossed.

Apparently, all I want for Christmas is for my students to memorize their lines!

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