Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Turkey dinner at Geckos, with Brian and Samarra. It was very yummy.

Wishing you a Mally Christmas, since that's where I spent mine. I talked to the verbal nieces while I was on the subway, watched the Golden Compass, wandered around the mall, had turkey for dinner, and went for drinks at Queen. All in all, a good away-from-home Christmas.

Me and my favourite Starbucks drink - the back of my freebie planner actually has a place which instructs me to glue one in. So funny! So here I am with my Grande Peppermint Mocha, which I drink far too often.

The chocolates Jenn made for us! I'm astounded by such levels of cooking - I can barely move myself to make toast.

Vanessa, Sheila and the tequila tree, natch.

Santa in a coffee cup - the most bizarre of this year's crop of Christmas cards, though I admit I didn't look as hard as usual for odd ones.

Cheonggaecheon River Walk

A very busy mall two days before Christmas. I was after "The Subtle Knife" to read on the beach (naturally, I've finished it already) and thank god for Brian, because I sure as hell would never have tracked it down. Kyobo has the least logical arrangement of English books I have ever seen.

Brian and I at the Luce Vista festival.

Santa visits the Lions class.

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