Monday, December 24, 2007

Kindie Christmas!

I'm sure I've swung back and forth in extremes of emotion about other things, but I tell ya, this Christmas pagaent has exhausted me, had me despairing it was ever going to be decent, and exhilerated at how good it was. It's been quite a ride.

In general, it went well enough. I got to see two preschool classes and the other kindergarten play. The first preschool group was just awful. Really, really awful. Two kids kept singing incoherently into the microphone, drowning out the kids who could actually sing the lyrics. The next preschool group looked like rockstars in comparison. The Night Before Christmas play went so much better than in the dress rehersal. The kindergarten songs went just fine too, though Grace just refused to dance, basically.

It felt like our play, The Littlest Christmas Tree, went fine, though I was on stage hissing stage directions, so it was hard to tell. I can't say how relieved I was to just have it over, especially after the extreme low point of the dress rehersal. God, was that awful.

And graduation is just around the corner... Sigh.

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