Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Little Things That Disappear

Sometimes I think that the part of my brain that is responsible for remembering the little things, like where I left my keys, where I took off my glasses, or where that piece of paper i just had in my hand went, fell out one day, unnoticed.

It was replaced by extra snot storage. It has to have been, because otherwise where does it all come from?

I think the universe likes to fuck with me. A month ago I lost my tweezers. I bought new ones, figuring that would lead me to find them, because really, you can only lose tweezers in your own house somewhere. They seem bound to turn up. Today I finally found them, while making up Christmas packages. You see, I usually use old bubble envelopes sent to me to package up gifts, in an environmentally friendly way. This year, all my gifts from my family arrived via my little sister's visit, so I don't have any. Inspiration struck and I decided to use plastic bags. They fill up all that extra space nicely, I have millions of them, AND the other person can either reuse them or recycle them upon arrival. Brilliant, right? As I pulled out some of them from the messy pile in a cupboard, out fell my tweezers. In a million years, I would never have looked there, so I was only ever going to find them by accident.

It's been a weird weekend. I stayed in because I accidentally shorted myself when I transfered money home. I forgot that I was going to buy a new phone and then didn't have quite enough money to do much this weekend. I easily could have taken money back out of my Canadian account, but it's been kinda a long couple of weeks and so I decided I should just chill for the weekend. I watched movies, read a couple of books, napped a lot, ate the random food that was already in my cupboards (contrary to popular belief, you can't really throw just anything into pasta and have it taste decent...), chilled. Then I went out for Bonny's birthday dinner at VIPS and ate far too much at the salad bar.

Naturally, the list of to-dos I thought would get accomplished are still sitting around, in need of being done.

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