Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Am Not Much of a Fashionista

There are some interesting street fashion blogs out there on the web.

I like looking at them because it's interesting how differently people dress in different places. Korea is certainly very different fashion-wise than anywhere else I have ever lived. The women wear more high heels than anywhere else, for one. Even more than in Paris it looks like.

But what amuses me the most is what people have to say about their outfits. For example, on woman states: "I found my jacket and leather shorts in Emmaus second hand shop. I've always liked red and black. And all the primary colours. Piet Mondrian, Rubik's cube, seamarks and Russian avantgarde artists have always inspired me."

If I was stopped on the street for one of these things during the week, I'd end up saying something like "I'm inspired by things that aren't dirty and are easy to find in my early morning stupor. I've always liked to try and match colours, though I can't say I always achieve it. I attempt to wear things without any holes and that keep my clevage out of sight."


Then on this one, I noticed that one of the people has a very, very interesting job title: "Welfe, 26, jewellery designer & Sofia, 19, personal jesus, from Australia"

You don't see that advertised in your average Jobs section of the newspaper.

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