Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apparently I Double Tag (and to be honest, I double dip too.)

Back when I was on Exchange in Edinburgh, I went to the St. Andrew's Day Ball with four friends I lived in residence with. We got all fancied up (and I remember the dress shopping taking ages and costing far more than I wanted to spend) and ended up getting one of those professional photos done that they all have at things like this.

When we finally got the photos back, everyone stared at their copy and immediately found something wrong with the picture. Naturally, each of us only saw flaws in ourselves. Naturally, everyone else looked fantastically beautiful. If I remember correctly, my main beef with myself was that one of the straps of my dress had slipped off my shoulder and I thought it looked ridiculous.

So, zip forward to the present. Everyone and their brother posts photos online. I've been doing it for about 4 years now, so my family can see where I've been. I started out just scanning on my favourites, but with the digital I put on most of what I don't delete as horrible shots. And so does everyone else. And sure, you share around the photos you take with those who were there and didn't take any. That seems to be fairly standard.

Now that Facebook has added tagging, it's all that much weirder, I guess. I've got friends who can't be tagged in smoking photos, and friends who don't want to be tagged looking "too drunk" (no idea how I am ever meant to judge that), friends who think that this photo of them is ugly, why is it up??? It cracks me up. Because, folks, just like I think you all put up tons of photos of me that are cringe-worthy and yet you just chucked them up there, I too am not looking and obsessing about every detail of photos except the ones I have of me! Basically, it's the age old problem, just in a computer age. Most of those pics you think are horrible, other people just don't see it that way. They think you look fine. They might even think you look gorgeous. Untag yourself if you feel the need, but there seems no need to do anything more.

It just cracks me up! Double tagging is the new double dipping! We can all now feel slighted over pictures that others must have put up just to make us look bad!


Banannas said...

pish...i just refuse to be in photos if i don't want to be online at some point...

i only have one pic with you in it and it was from that night with the farewell boribap for yunjin...have you talked to her in awhile? :)

Amanda said...

ooooh! I want those pics!