Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just Couldn't Be Arsed

Do you ever get in that mood where you don't want to cook, you don't want to order in, you don't want to go out? That's tonight's mood. I'm overtired, it's been a long day, I had to stay an extra 20 minutes at work to finish off my last class worth of report cards, and basically what I really wanted a magic, futuristic pill that would just make me not hungry without any actual effort.

The best available option seemed to be the instant Thai noodle soup I bought on impulse about a week ago, intruigued because instant-anything-not-Korean isn't exactly common in stores here.

It was good. Except. Where the instructions read, "Add chili flavour to taste," what I apparently needed to have read is, "Don't add the whole packet right away, ya fucking idiot, or it'll burn your mouth and leave you over-salivating for a good hour."

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