Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Air France Pilot's Jacket Time

My apartment sucks for figuring out the weather. The next building over is so close that the woman living there sometimes waves to me when she washes her dishes. It's almost impossible to look out and tell if it's raining or sunny. And now that it's winter, somehow my apartment is still so toasty all the time. Apparently lots of other people have started turning on the heat, but so far I've never had to do anything but put on a sweater once or twice. And it's not like I have a high tolerance for cold or anything, in fact for a Canadian born and bred, I have a ridiculous hatred of cold and no ability to put up with it. Especially transitioning from hot to cold - I shiver like crazy.

This bodes well for the winter and low heating bills. And is good for the environment too. However, I love, love, love floor heating and have been fighting the urge to pamper myself by turning it on today. There is nothing nicer than a hot floor on bare feet in the morning.

Well, maybe those heated toilet seats. I tell ya, I could have used those back in Canada.

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