Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why Halloween Kicks A Normal Day's Ass

1. Kids are cute in costume.
2. Moms are cute when they take that many pictures. I have been immortalized in the photo albums of many a Korean child today.
3. Test days kick ass. I'm not so far behind on my marking anymore.
4. I have that "I'm wearing a hat" feeling long after taking off my witch's head gear.
5. The woman in the restaurant didn't even blink when four foreigners came in for bibimbap dressed in costume.
6. I ate too much sugary crap.
7. Face painting was a super chill way to spend the morning. Plus, my strawberry drawing skills are now top notch.
8. I carved mini pumpkins with OT and Jen last night.
9. It's OT's birthday.
10. We had kick ass food. Galbi, that egg thing, tofu, soup, the fucking red sauce of wonderfulness...
11. There was chocolate cake that tasted like brownies.
12. We played the game where you float an empty shot glass in a glass of beer and take turns pouring in soju. The sinker has to drink.
13. I didn't have to one-shot anything.
14. The lady brought us coals to put under the tables to keep us warm outside.
15. We met new foreigners in our building.

As for Halloween in Itaewon over the weekend, it was great. I didn't have the most obvious costume, as I went in the guise of a sober person. Yep, that's right. I am in the midst of another bout of bronchitis, I'm heading north to chill with the commies on the weekend, and I'm trying to avoid it morphing into anything worse for that reason. They have me on so many pills, even I quaked at the idea of mixing it all with booze. It was an odd evening to be sober - the costumes at Wolfhound were fantastic, Brian seemed to have a good time on his first night out in Itaewon and Hongdae, we managed the curfew thing by the skin of our teeth, chilled out on a couch in Bricxx (which is oddly where I started my Halloween last year in Seoul, it's a redo, but backwards).

It was Sarah's last weekend and her birthday. We started out at Buddha's Belly and no doubt annoyed the staff to death, as tons of extra people showed up and we kept yogi-ohing for extra chairs and another meal order and... Aside from Wolfhound, we also stopped into Friends, to have a place to sit and chat. I'm really going to miss Sarah.

The rest of my weekend was all about lazing around and watching DVDs with Brian. We watched the Bourne Ultimatum, which was good, and 28 Weeks Later, which wasn't nearly as good as the original. We even went out to the "Chinese" place, which was fantastic as always.

You know you've been gone from North America a long time when you can't recall if Halloween is one of those holidays that happens even if it falls on a week night on that day, or if it gets pushed to a weekend...

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