Monday, October 15, 2007

Questions from Frog

If you could have a one-on-one lunch with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Lucy, the Australopithecus. Because this is the archaeology I should have studied at university - I find it fascinating in a way that the Greeks and Romans never interested me.

How did your favorite color become your favorite color?

Hmmm. It's blue, I guess. I think basically that I liked pink, in a stereotypical little girl way, and then got very fed up with it. When it next came time to paint my bedroom (we moved) that's what I went with. The opposite of pink, in gender terms. And because I have blue eyes, all through highschool I wore a ton of blue clothes, since they made my eyes look nicer, or so I thought. If I ponder it longer, I'm not sure I have a favourite colour anymore. I still answer blue, but these days I find that I appreciate all of the colours, for different reasons and in different settings. I feel like the older I get, the less certain I am about much of anything, and apparently that includes my favourite colour. All those shades of grey have turned my blue into a rainbow... Or something. And that makes me sound rather like I am on drugs.

Describe your ideal home.

I'm not sure if this was meant to be as impossible a question to answer as it is, but wow. I've spent a good day thinking about this and getting nowhere. Right now, my little place suits me just fine. Not too big to require much cleaning, it has a bed, a computer and a toaster. There are shelves for my books. There is music, and as of last weekend, there are candles. This is absolutely ideal, for right now. Perhaps minus the flooding. I have been thinking a lot lately about how contented I am these days with where I am and how little real thought I have put into future plans. I am not sure if that is a bad or good thing, but it certainly is my thing, as of late.

I used to toy with the extremes of living in listed flat in Edinburgh in the city centre or out in a croft in the Hebrides. Sometimes I think that maybe that first ideal home, the one in downtown Toronto, in an older house, one that resembles either of the houses my Aunt Lynne & Uncle Donald have had their fabulous parties in, with the dark paint on the walls and the candles suspended over the bathtub, might perhaps still be the most tempting ideal. As a teenager, and in fact now, I thought my Aunt Lynne was just the coolest person ever. If she doesn't read my blog, perhaps mom could feel free to tell her that? In fact, and I'm getting really off topic here, I've had some amazing aunts. My Aunt Corrine when I was younger I thought was sooooo cool and fun. My Aunt Julie always made me these special presents, like care packages for university, which always touched me because it was obvious she understood what the milestones I was going through meant to me, though many others might not have considered them worth marking. All the aunts that come to my parents' house for get togethers, with food and chat and a lot of laughing. My Great Aunt Joan, my Nana's twin, who I got to show Edinburgh to.

Back to the ideal home. The thing is that there is the whole world to see. How could I possibly pick just one ideal home, with the whole world out there? I mean, how could I want a flat in London, or an apartment in Buenos Aries, or a bungalow in Indonesia, or... Right now, my ideal home is my suitcase and all I can stuff in it, combined with all the love and friendship of all the people who I try to keep in touch with properly (though I often fail horribly.) I wonder if there is ever a time when my ideal home will be more rooted?

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