Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's a Good Thing I Didn't Bring My Handgun to Work Today*

*Thanks to OT for the quote.

I had a very odd day at work today. It made me angry, inexplicably. The morning was great - kindergarten field trip to the zoo? Could it get any better??? I had a great time, the kids were awesome.

I think it might have been missing my own lunch time. That 40 minutes of not working in the course of a 10.5 hour day is very, very important to my sanity. Otherwise, I'm on the go non-stop, teaching, preping, getting books for the next class in my 5 minutes between classes. My schedule is intense.

So why Tyler planned a meeting for today, straight after we got back from the field trip, I don't know. But, there has been a change regarding homework, that annoys me and I feel I already had the marking covered more than adequately, and I was just annoyed.

Then one of my coworkers, who I have been nothing but nice to, who I have socialized with and listened sympathetically to when she complained, accused me of intentionally shutting the door on her. Which was totally not the case. I mean, obviously. Anyway, since I was having a bizarrely off day already, I totally bitched back at her. And I feel that wasn't terribly professional but also not uncalled for. I suppose I should perhaps smooth the waters tomorrow, though she has stated she might be quitting, so it might not matter much in 30 days time!

But, a very odd day. For example, I had to teach writing. I swore up and down that my book was missing. And it was right on my shelf, where it should have been. I looked at it a million times and just didn't see it. I don't know where my brain was today.

But... Speeches started off well today, tomorrow is Friday, I might have a date as well.

And I'm toying with going to Borneo for Christmas holiday...

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